Yoga Holidays & Yoga+photography & Yoga+art

2020 Schedule:  May  27-2  July 22-28 Aug 12-18 & 19-25

Weekends throughout the year by arrangement

Solhem is an intimate retreat in the islands of Finland’s eastern archipelago. The surrounding forests are incredibly beautiful and inducive to a quiet and restorative holiday.

Morning yoga is held on our small private beach or terrace, weather permitting or indoors if not, plus an evening session before dinner. The rest of the day is a personal choice, walking, cycling, swimming, boating or just relaxing with friends or partners.  Our leaders for yoga are  Finnish born Aura and Heini. Aura’s talents include photography and painting, so if you want a more active week with us,  she offers a combined yoga/painting or yoga/photography holiday. Please ask for details.



Aura’s Bio:

Wellness through Yoga, Pilates and breathing

In her classes Aura introduces different styles of yoga, from hatha to flow and yin yoga. The classes consist of simple poses and flowing  sequences, strengthening pilates exercises and relaxation.

Aura’s approach to teaching is a down-to-earth attitude, emphasis on a safe and fun way of exploring movement and poses in the body.

Breathing exercises are an essential part of every session. We explore how breathing fully and deeply can make a difference not only in our yoga practice but in the overall wellbeing as well.

Over the years working with students Aura has learned to adapt bodily practices to the needs of the individual according to their physical condition, age, health or personal life situation.

Aura is a yoga instructor, photographer and an art teacher. She has practiced different styles of yoga for 20 years. She works as a freelancer in Finland and Spain.

She is a certified yoga teacher and has been giving classes since 2003. (RYT200 Yoga Mindfulness Teacher Training)  and holds a Master’s degree in art and design from Aalto University Helsinki.


My pedagogic approach in general is process oriented rather than result oriented. I like to empower and ecourage the students to find joy and freedom in expressing themselves whether on a yoga mat, with the camera or in art class.


My path started in 1996 with the Five Tibetan Rites, Tai-chi and Chi-kung. Later I practiced Ashtanga yoga for many years until I got curious of what other practices might have to offer to my body which started showing signs of aches and pains. On my search I came across Vanda Scaravelli’s and Paul Grilley’s teachings. I liked their soft and organic approach to bodywork and began to incorporate their principles into my own practice and teaching.

Over the years working with students I have learned to adapt movements and poses to the needs of the individual student according to their physical condition, age, health or personal life situation.


How we see and perceive our surroundings and how we bring the perceptions into an image differs greatly depending on our cultural background, upbringing, assumptions and habits. It is a fundamental need to be creative, draw, paint and sculpt. Every moment offers a chance to reprogram ourselves to see and react in a new way.

I am greatly inspired by Betty Edwards (Drawing on the right side of the brain) and her genious ways of teaching us break away from our habits and thus learning to create with joy and freedom. Creativity is an embodied action, a co-operation between brain, body and sensory awareness.

While the digital fever is spreading, we are about to lose contact with our bodies. Art education should not forget its roots, instead it could be the anchor to an embodied experience and hands-on creation.

I have taught art and photography in schools, introductory art classes to teenage immigrants and evening classes to adults.


I work mainly in the area of portrait and nature photography, and in the world of movement, dance and theatre. I design and create photographic concepts, whether it’s to convey someone’s personality or to capture and illustrate the essence of a company.

Nature’s beauty, special passing moments and people around me are an inspiration to me. I am at my best shooting in natural light; letting each moment’s existing light create the image.

Heini’s Bio:

Wellness through Yin Yoga, Meridian Stretching and breathing

Meridian Stretching is a series of postures which activate and balance the life energy channels of our body. The practice is both relaxing and stimulating for the body and mind. The free flow of energy (QI) through all the meridian channels is crucial for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative type of yoga practice. Staying in one position for 3-7 minutes allows the body and mind to surrender to the posture. Natural and deep breathing accompany this practice, allowing the stretch to reach beyond the muscles into the fascia and joint level.

Breathing is happening in us all the time. Nevertheless, we often tend to inhibit the full capacity of our breath. We can explore the depth of our natural breathing through simple exercises, visualisations and meditation.

Heini is a dance-voice artist, body-oriented voice teacher and acupuncturist. She has practiced meridian stretching and yoga for 20 years. Heini’s classes offer an inspiring insight into the awareness of the Bodymind.

Monday Arrival day after 1600 – settling in and meet your instructors

Tuesday Day 1
Welcome Yoga session followed by breakfast
Timing for lunch to suit the group

Optional classes in photography/art classes if booked

Late afternoon yoga session

Sauna and herbal hot tub


Wednesday Day 2
Breakfast Yoga Session
Timing for lunch to suit the group
Evening yoga session

Thursday Day 3
Breakfast Yoga Session
Timing for lunch to suit the group
Evening yoga session

Friday Day 4
Breakfast Yoga Session
Timing for lunch to suit the group
Evening yoga session

Saturday Day 5 –  Free day
Sunday Departure by mid day

Included in the price:

  • Airport transfers
  • Mat
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Coffee, tea and water freely available
  • Use of sauna/hot tub, rowing boats, fishing rods and bicycles
  • Sheets and towels

The following are excluded from the cost

  • Flight costs
  • Car hire/taxi costs (can be organised for you)
  • Sightseeing visits (can be organised for you)


  • Boots/outdoor shoes/trainers suitable for walking in the forest tracks.
  • A waterproof jacket or coat
  • Slippers/indoor shoes
  • Cash  euros: summer market day, pub, taxis or sundries. The nearest cash machine is 20km one way